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Intoxalock Installation

Intoxalock in Clarksville, AR

Murders Automotive is a certified ignition interlock installer serving Clarksville, AR, Russellville, AR, Ozark, AR, and surrounding areas. We install and service the nation’s most reliable ignition interlock device (IID), Intoxalock.

What is an Intoxalock Car Breathalyzer or IID?

An Intoxalock ignition interlock device is an alcohol breathalyzer that connects with your vehicle’s ignition system. To start a vehicle with an Intoxalock IID installed, you must not have a breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) level above the legal standard for Arkansas.

Learn About Arkansas IID Laws

How do I use an Intoxalock IID?

To use an IID, blow through the mouthpiece for approximately 5 seconds. The device will indicate when to stop blowing and when to start your vehicle. If your breath sample is below the legal limit allowed by your state, then your vehicle will start as normal.

5 reasons to choose Intoxalock

  • Fastest way to regain your license
  • Real-time reporting saves you time between inspections and calibrations
  • Industry's most reliable technology 
  • Arkansas regulation specialists
  • Excellent customer service - Intoxalock representatives are available 24/7
Intoxalock Installation in Clarksville, AR

Ready to Regain Your License?

If you're required by court to have an IID installed on your vehicle(s), contact Intoxalock or fill out the online form to get started. An experienced Intoxalock representative will answer any questions you have.

Request Murders Automotive as your certified Intoxalock installation location in Arkansas. Our qualified service technicians will install your Intoxalock quickly and accurately, so you can begin the path to restoring your license privileges.

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